Mining and Energy Law

In the field of Mining and Energy Law, we provide legal advice services to our Turkish and/or foreign-capital clients for their investments related to mineral prospecting, mineral extraction, mining production as well as energy generation and trade and renewable energy resources. In line with the legislations on the Mining Law and Energy Markets, we provide up-to-date legal solutions for authorization, licensing, connection, distribution and use as well as all kinds of investments related to these matters.

We mainly provide the following services in the field of Mining and Energy Law as well as the relevant meticulous legal support our clients may feel the need in their sectors:

Licenses and necessary permits in the phases of mineral prospecting, mineral extraction and mining production,

Expropriation procedures within the framework of the Mining Act and the relevant regulations and in line with the requirements,

The processes related to application for and procurement of Environmental Impact Assessment report,

Drawing up of mineral prospecting contracts,

Drawing up of mining royalty agreements on mining licensees,

Investments on renewable energy resources (hydraulic energy, wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy),

Unlicensed electricity generation procedures,

Connection, distribution and retail sales agreements pertaining to the electricity market.