Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide strategic legal consultancy and litigation services to Turkish and/or foreign-capital companies in line with their commercial requirements. Suitably with the current needs in their sectors, we carefully provide the quickest legal solutions to our clients performing activities in different sectors.

We mainly provide the following services in the field of Corporate and Commercial Law as well as the relevant legal support you may feel the need in order to accomplish your commercial targets:

Incorporation of Turkish and foreign-capital companies, and accordingly;
  • Drawing up of joint venture agreements,
  • Articles of association
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Share purchase agreements,

  • Merger and acquisition transactions,

    Amendments to and modification of articles of association,

    Conduct of ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings,

    Legal consultancy on the responsibilities and liabilities of board members and company managers,

    Litigations for annulment of resolutions taken by general assemblies,

    As for any disputes in the field of Commercial Law, settlement of such disputes amicably or through litigation,

    Drawing up of commercial contracts on purchases and sales, distributions (agency, distributor, franchising, licensing) and transports.