Competition Law

In order to ensure that our clients act in compliance with the competition legislation in a competition based free-market economy, we closely monitor the legislation on Competition Law as well as the relevant developments and accordingly, we provide the necessary legal support to our clients.

In the field of Competition Law, we mainly provide legal advice and litigation services as to the following matters in line with the requirements of our clients:

Preparation of legal due diligence reports for companies against which the Competition Board initiated preliminary examinations and investigations; and when necessary, legal representation before Administrative Courts and the Council of State during the proceedings initiated against any resolutions of the Board,

In regard to abuse of dominant position and any acts in violation of competition, after determining enterprises’ fields of activities, legal provisions concerning these fields as well as acts of other enterprises in the market, provision of legal advice services in order to make such enterprise’s profile compliant with the competition rules on the basis of this determination,

As for enterprises and consumers that suffered any losses due to violations of competition, we ensure that such enterprises and consumers compensate their losses through litigation, namely actions for damages.