Family Law

We quickly provide any legal solutions that our Clients may feel the need in view of any disputes in the field of Family Law. Also in this field, we provide legal services through our team composed of specialized lawyers and counsels who have knowledge and experience of many years, as to the practices in the field.

In the field of Family Law, we mainly provide legal advice and litigation services as to the following matters:

Indemnity claims arising from breaking off an engagement,

Drawing up of agreements on marital property regimes applicable between spouses,

Legal representation during lawsuits of uncontested divorce,

Legal representation during lawsuits of contested divorce,

Division of matrimonial property after divorce,

Legal representation for alimony, child support and indemnity claims,

Lawsuits for custody,

Legal representation during paternity lawsuits,

Legal support on any matters related to guardianship and guardians,

Proceedings for recognition and enforcement of judgments of divorce rendered by foreign courts about Turkish citizens.