Labor and Social Security Law

In all kinds of matters related to the Labor and Social Security Law, we provide legal advice and litigation services to Turkish and/or foreign-capital companies in compliance with the current legislation.

We mainly provide the following services in the field of Labor and Social Security Law as well as the relevant professional legal support you may feel the need for your business:

Drawing up of employment contracts within the scope of employee-employer relations, preparation of letters of notification for fulfillment of the contractual and statutory obligations by the parties; and should the case occur, settlement of the matters “termination of employment contracts and dismissals from office” amicably or through litigation,

Collective labor agreement negotiations and trade union relations,

Legal advice on criminal and civil liabilities arising from work-related accidents and occupational diseases,

Revision of employment contracts within the scope of the amendments to the legislation on the Labor and Social Security Law and in light of the jurisprudences established by the Supreme Court of Appeals,

Drawing up of confidentiality, noncompetition and release agreements in the context of employee-employer relations,


Drawing up of contracts for transfer and hiring of employees,

Provision of legal advice on legal measures to be taken for occupational health and safety.